Alda – A Distant Fire

One of the most sacred concoctions in all of black metal for me absolutely has to be whenever the style drifts into the mystical realm of folk metal for it’s in those fantastical worlds that we get some of the most striking, engaging, and unique works of both styles to grace our ears. It’s when we get an act that goes above and beyond, though, that we’re truly in for a unique treat. It sets itself up to be one of the best works that any year has to offer. This year, it’s already been from the formidable Windfaerer that I thought we had gotten the best of the best, but now Alda has come around to throw their weight around and provide a contest for that very title.

I’ve always been adamant in my belief that a proper folk work doesn’t have much personality or spirit unless it has some folk instrumentation that can really tap into what the style has long been associated with, otherwise the only connection to the style is in name only. Bringing that together with some well done black metal can really make for one hell of a performance, and it’s virtually without flaw and nothing but immense talent that it’s for their upcoming work, “A Distant Fire”, and Alda makes it clear that they’re not only a force to really contend with but a name that demands and has already earned your respect. Apart from already making an impression with that colorful yet still macabre cover art, Alda doesn’t waste any time by throwing you right into their realm that they have absolute dominion over in all of its majesty and unyielding energies that permeate every moment of the expansive album as it’s virtually every minute of “A Distant Fire” that stands proudly on their own in every given instance. They all build off of each other without a single fumble but they’re all certifiably unique with both the black and the folk metal having their fair share of the main stage to really help drive this performance home while it’s the melodies, instrumentations, and the overall compelling songwriting that makes this creation a staggering and undeniable work of its kind that we can never have enough of. If Alda came around to make their presence known with this album, they’ve succeeded doing that and so much more in absolute spades for the very least of their accomplishments with “A Distant Fire” is making one hell of an impression albeit far from the least applause-worthy feat.

I repeat: we don’t get albums like this more than a handful of times in any given year and that’s if we’re lucky. It’s without compromising in any facet of this brand new epic that Alda has made such a work that cannot be called anything other than a worthy addition for such an exclusive category, and I’d be stunned to see anyone argue otherwise. The very essence of “A Distant Fire” is something to get lost in with everything surrounding it being downright spectacular to experience even just once.

“A Distant Fire” releases on October 8th via Eisenwald!

LISTEN to an advanced track from “A Distant Fire” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Alda on Facebook here.

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