Gralaghorr – The Divine Spectacle of Rebirth

Many sections of doom and rock music have found their homes in the desert for all that the sands and scorched rock can offer the style with all sorts of sonic territory being covered by both styles, but it’s always been up for debate if a band could change the locale to something that’s somehow both as fitting and unsettling. There’s nothing quite like a proper, dreary swamp to really put the mind in a place of great discomfort from the fear of what lies beneath the eerie and still water or what horrors the towering, near-primordial trees have seen. With their debut EP, Gralaghorr set out to hear the tales from the moss, and it’s with that forbidden knowledge that their first EP feels a lot more compelling than I initially thought it’d be.

An EP of just two tracks is a concept that I’ve always been a fan of, and with over 25 minutes to offer us on their very first offering to our undeserving ears, it was hard for me to not immediately gravitate towards whatever it was that Gralaghorr had fished out of the quagmire. In virtually every way, what all is brought forth to bring “The Divine Spectacle of Rebirth” is one of the most chaotic forms that I’ve ever seen the ever-inseparable union of doom and sludge take shape of even despite knowing that the sounds they can cover often feel damn near infinite in many cases. That being said, Gralaghorr really went out of their way to make this EP take on a life all of its own the likes of which we simply don’t get often with many parts of these two tracks venturing into even more diverse sonic territories with a surprising injection of experimentation that works almost too well to give the work a unique identity to go along with the unique setting that it boasts without shame. With not just some of the best implementation of a saxophone that I’ve heard in metal for a couple of years but undeniably raw power and tremendous atmospheres that both grace and curse large swathes of “The Divine Spectacle of Rebirth”, it’s hard for me to not look at what Gralaghorr has accomplished it and call it anything less than stupendously intriguing to my ears for all that it promises, all that it delivers, and all that it plants in the mind when it comes to just what exactly Gralaghorr is capable of beyond this formidable EP.

An entrance of this caliber is always more than welcome if you ask me, for it goes above and beyond when it comes to raw expectations especially given how I wasn’t sure how Gralaghorr would leap out to grab my attention if they could at all in these two tracks, but it should be more than obvious by now that they more than succeeded in doing so. The dark waters of “The Divine Spectacle of Rebirth” are far from anything you want to underestimate for if you should find yourself unlucky enough to fall into those depths then don’t be surprised if it seeks single-mindedly to consume all that you are with extreme prejudice.

“The Divine Spectacle of Rebirth” releases on October 22nd!

LISTEN to “The Divine Spectacle of Rebirth” on release day on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Gralaghorr on Facebook here.

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