Bleeding Malice – Thy Kingdom Come

Far too often when I venture into the world of deathcore, I find a disappointing amount of imagination and, oddly enough, power. Power means absolutely nothing if you don’t have the skill to back it up with the consequence being a hollow sound that has virtually no life to it whatsoever, and it’s in that void that imagination often finds an unforgiving grave. Deathcore suffers from the unfortunate fate of being packed with bands that don’t make the sound interesting, their own, or even mildly interesting with the clear aggression not being directed in the right way nearly often enough. When it is done well though, it’s a sight to behold. In no small way, Bleeding Malice’s latest rises above that threshold to become something that I cannot help but allow myself to be sucked in by.

Aggression is a massive part of all the heavier sides of music which is why many of us flock to that side of the spectrum as a form of catharsis that we’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else, and while it’s incredibly easy to sound mean and come across with a lot of pent-up fury it’s another thing altogether to try and bring that together in a cohesive sound that’s just as cathartic as it is engaging to the listener. No one wants a hollow listening experience, and it’s far too often that many musicians in the world of deathcore make experiences as such for one reason or another, and I’d be lying if I said that I feared Bleeding Malice would suffer that same fate. Fortunately, it took virtually no time at all for me to realize that of all the things that this band poured into “Thy Kingdom Come”, incompetence was not one of them. While still simple in a couple of different ways, I would be remiss to even insinuate that Bleeding Malice missed the mark at any point throughout this record as it’s not only easy to get into but a real task to get out of purely because of how massive the sound is while never once compromising in its heaviness or unbridled aggression the likes of which deathcore is all but synonymous with, yet it’s not nearly often enough that we get a work that’s as fulfilling, fleshed out, or well-executed as what “Thy Kingdom Come” brings to the table.

In any lesser hands, this album would surely fall apart, but if there’s any single takeaway with what Bleeding Malice has crafted here it’s that they’ve immediately proven themselves to be an act that’s not to be instantly categorized as an unfortunate commodity in the world of deathcore. Any fan of the sound will find themselves very much at home inside the confines of “Thy Kingdom Come” and all that it holds.

LISTEN to “Thy Kingdom Come” on Bandcamp here.

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