Planet of the 8s – Lagrange Point Vol I

Despite having a clear stigma surrounding the style in the eyes of many, I don’t think I’ll get over just how interesting the wide world of stoner rock can be for all that it can deliver. The sound is just so fast and interesting with it able to take on so many different forms without wandering off into different sonic territories is something that’s always fascinating, and that’s a concept that’s taken full hold in the ever-gracious Australian scene that’s a real boon for music lovers of all kinds. Planet of the 8s is a name that’s long been on my radar for their respectable reputation, but it’s with their latest EP that I’ve finally sat down to investigate what they can bring forward, and it’s far from anything to scoff at in every regard.

Even though this band hasn’t been around long by any stretch, it’s almost staggering to me to know that this band has already garnered a name for themselves as a premier stoner rock act to come out of Australia, and I was immensely curious before tonight as to just how exactly that could be the case. Surely, that meant their quality was downright off the chain in no small form. I would’ve been content to have gotten four or five tracks of riffs and stellar energy on this EP, but it’s clear that Planet of the 8s is not nearly content enough doing things the simple and easy way. For the creation of “Lagrange Point Vol I”, this trio has gone the extra mile and recruited some very respectable names across the wide savannah that is the Australian stoner landscape for some well and proper enhancements to make this already formidable EP something that I couldn’t help but find damn near undeniable in its grand riffage, the impeccable spirit that permeates every facet of the work, and as glorious an example as any to really show us how immeasurably glorious stoner rock can still be given the utterly daunting number of acts that populate the style in today’s world. Every step of this work has been done to its ultimate potential as Planet of the 8s not only builds off of their contributors in splendid fashion, but they show us as every possible turn how capable they are in their sonic territory as they’re excellent and captivating right to the very end, but one listen isn’t nearly enough to truly take in everything that “Lagrange Point” brings to the table in hopefully the first of many editions.

There will never be anything quite like a well and truly executed work of stoner rock done to near-perfection for all that it can bring to the table in its utter glory as it’s a source of nigh on infinite euphoria, and it’s only thanks to bands like Planet of the 8s that we can continue to get such apex glory in staggering amounts. The collaborative intoxication that’s to be had in this first piece of “Lagrange Point” is the exact kind of stoner rock that many of us could use heaps more of in our listening habits for it’s mastery the likes of which the ears can rarely get enough of, and I’m all but positive that these Australians are beyond capable of doing it for many more albums that I will happily dive into time after time.

LISTEN to “Lagrange Point Vol 1” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Planet of the 8s on Facebook here.

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