Prey For Nothing – Kivshan

If you ask me, metal coming out of the Middle East has some of the most interesting bands that we can listen to in today’s vast underground from names like Al-Namrood, Azooma, and Akvan just being three names that come to mind out of many. It’s one of the greatest examples of how far-reaching metal has become in our world, and death metal proves to not be deterred by borders whatsoever with many bands still managing to crank out very interesting works over time with Prey For Nothing being just one of the latest.

Oddly enough, it’s out of this particular region of the world that death metal doesn’t really seem content to be performed in some of its more basic forms as most bands performing it seems to have a preference for the technical and progressive side of what the style can bring forth with many, if not all, bands that approach it pulling it all off surprisingly well. In every form, it’s with their fourth full-length offering that Prey For Nothing doesn’t just bring that to the table but they also manage to deliver to us a dazzling display of melody that comes and goes much like the many different forms of heaviness that are to be found throughout the entirety of “Kivshan”, making it a nigh on diverse record that never once treads the same ground twice. Right away, that’s a massive positive as it can often feel that death metal repeats itself far too much, but it’s clear that Prey For Nothing has long accounted for that. “Kivshan” instantly manages to stand its own ground as Prey For Nothing is clearly adept at making their performance a varied one but, more importantly, one that can feel damn near endlessly engaging as this band truly specializes at making a glorious display whether it be a more stripped-down single that’s just meant to lure in listeners or a four-part epic that really shows us what the band is capable of when it comes to the raw factor of musicianship.

With everything brought together, it all makes for a really stand-out display that is a real jewel when we consider death metal coming out of this particular region of the world, and it does more than bring justice to the band as well as its contemporaries. Prey For Nothing has achieved something that cannot be considered anything less than the sort of intriguing that raises both eyebrows of those who can recognize what’s at play within “Kivshan”, and we can only hope it won’t be long before the sands sends us more glory of this caliber.

LISTEN to Prey For Nothing on Bandcamp here.

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