Green Lung – Black Harvest

Despite the absolutely staggering ocean of doom acts out there that have come and gone in recent years, there still somehow manages to be new acts constantly coming out of the woodwork for all around the world that not only keep us guessing but enthralled. Green Lung is perhaps one of the best examples of such with them having but one EP and a full-length album to their name before today with their name still having achieved cult status damn near instantly. Yet, it’s with their brand new effort that their reputation’s grandeur will only be furthered.

It’s always with bands like these that many of us cannot help but fear the worst for the thought always manages to worm its way in – what if a worthy successor cannot be delivered? What if the band is only capable of delivering on solid work to only then immediately have a drop-off in quality? Those are dark thoughts that always plague fans no matter how much confidence we may have, and we can only be thankful and extremely proud that Green Lung cannot be considered for such an unfortunate fate with everything that “Black Harvest” brings forth being all but awe-inspiring for the modern fan of doom. Following where their debut full-length left off, it’s on this magnificent effort that Green Lung furthers their glorious blend of early days doom with a modern fervor that cannot be denied in any capacity as we are treated to an absolute cascade of riffs, power, and true spirit that permeates every feasible moment of the effort. To dive into this record is to surround yourself with the exact thing that continues to draw many of us back to the modern soundscape of excellence and epicness that doom’s freshest acts have managed to carve out for themselves with success and glory seeming to be found around every corner, and it’s with true power and a smoke-wreathed walk through the drenched woods that Green Lung finds themselves at the forefront of that very movement.

There’s so much to dissect with this release that it’s damn near staggering to bear witness to the first time with every subsequent listen always offering something new to discover and devour, showing even further the glory that Green Lung is able to execute with seemingly minimal fault. Everything that’s brought forth in “Black Harvest” is all the a worthy successor should be, and at no point does it fail to deliver on that promise.

“Black Harvest” releases on October 22nd via Svart Records!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Black Harvest” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Green Lung on Facebook here.

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