MRTVI – Autology The Shadow Work

Improvisation is a decisive word to some of us, and I don’t think it’s hard to understand why. It’s arguably the ultimate form of artistic uniqueness and expression with it being a truly raw execution that might not have an equal when it comes to just letting a musician do their own thing. But, to do it for a proper full-length release would be to walk a fine line for us as listeners when it comes to the enjoyment factor. It’s not often that it comes together all that well, but it’s beyond striking to see it occur when it does succeed, though. In no small way, it really does feel like MRTVI has surmounted a true challenge.

Even though before today I had only heard two-thirds of what MRTVI, it was clear to me that this was the kind of act that would never be satisfying by pulling off the same exact record twice be it consecutively or not. With that in mind, I had figured that it was on the band’s fourth offering that I would still find myself listening to material that was very much steeped in the unyielding territory where black metal and noise crossed over. Instead, it’s “Autology The Shadow Work” that we see MRTVI dive into a distinctly different sound that’s just as bold as their previous outings with this instance throwing us head-first into a seething, burning soundscape that I can only liken to a kind of grind-inspired madness that dances on the very line of what can be considered experimental. As a two-part creation that is as organic in its creation as it is hostile to virtually every listener who dares to engage it, there really hasn’t been a work like this that comes even close to what this band has accomplished within this monstrous 25-track work with loads happening within and nothing but surprise to be found around damn near every single corner. There’s no comfort to be had for the whole of “Autology The Shadow Work” as it truly embodies some of the bleakest ideals of what extreme metal is capable of in some of its most integral forms when it comes to artistic expression, and it’s through such that MRTVI has achieved what very few are competent to execute to such effect.

I cannot express just how rare a work like this is where it creates a successfully executed aura of unrelenting power, undeniably interesting improvisation that keeps the listener guessing in every instance, and craftsmanship that’s as vicious as it is corrosive to the spirit. MRTVI has taken a greatly unexpected turn that’s has been done nothing but absolute justice for this creation, and it’s the whole of “Autology The Shadow Work” that I can’t help but find myself enamored by this self-devouring slab of live darkness.

“Autology The Shadow Work” releases on October 1st via Life As A Dream Records!

LISTEN to an advanced track from “Autology The Shadow Work” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE MRTVI on Facebook here.

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