Dagtum – Revered Decadence

A crushing, uncompromising heaviness is something that virtually every single death metal band strives for in some form or another, but it’s difficult to execute it with the right kind of power to actually do it all justice. It’s not uncommon to see an act attempt to blend death and sludge metal together to make for an exceptionally crushing experience, yet it’s a concept that isn’t executing with quality nearly as often as it deserves to be. With their debut, Dagtum delivers quality that’s equal parts promising and vicious.

A proper build-up isn’t something that we would consider under-used in the current soundscape metal often finds itself in as most of us see the potential in a calculated approach to really make for a satisfying listen, but it’s still something that we could always use more of. It’s practically right out of the gate that Dagtum shows us they’re more than capable of delivering that very thing, and it’s a trend that takes many different forms throughout their debut of “Revered Decadence” that makes the work as a whole climactic at many points while still never once holding back in the intensity that’s to be had in these eight tracks. Blending together death and sludge to make for an outright compelling sonic assault, Dagtum doesn’t stop there as they dare to make their particular sound one that always brings in a specific level of dissonance that isn’t as strong as many might like but there’s no denying for even a moment that it isn’t used to tremendous effect for the entirety of “Revered Decadence” alongside slight prog elements to really make this an effort that’s jam-packed with so much going on within. To pull off such a feat is not unheard of, but to see it happen is always exciting nonetheless and anyone would be remiss to dismiss what’s been done here anything less than interesting at the very least.

There are plenty of debuts out there with the occasional band daring to attempt a sound that many other’s wouldn’t, and while it would be an overexaggeration for me to claim this is one of the best of that variety, I’d be a fool not to consider this a worthy entry for such a category for all that it brings forth. Dagtum has made something certifiably delicious with “Revered Decadence” and we can only hope it won’t be long before we hear from them again.

“Revered Decadence” releases on August 30th!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Revered Decadence” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Dagtum on Facebook here.

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