The Age of Truth – Resolute

There are always a great number of heavy rock acts out there throughout the entire world that are always worthy of mention, but it’s damn near effortless to have some other great names get somewhat lost in the ocean of other names. The Age of Truth is far from a new name to the proper excavators of heavy rock, but it may not be the large name that it deserves to be and while their last record was far from anything to scoff at it was criminally lacking in its coverage despite it doing quite well for itself. With this brand new opus, however, The Age of Truth won’t seem to have to worry about such an unfortunate fate yet again as this album is all but a highlight for heavy rock this year.

It really does feel like that it’s every month that a new, magnificent piece of heavy rock is thrown our way that truly brings us to our knees with all the quality and power that’s constantly being put on the table not just always being worthy of investigation but mass adoration. In this case, though, we aren’t given a stripped-down sound that brings heavy rock to its most basic elements or some wild work of psychedelia and riffage that bends the mind over backward to accept what it’s hearing, but, rather, a straight-forward approach to a beloved sound done by masters that’s as striking as it could be. In no small way, The Age of Truth has made for something exceptional here. There isn’t a single minute of what transpires within “Resolute” that isn’t worthy of being seen right alongside the likes of King Buffalo as a band with what’s sure to end up as only the best cases of heavy rock in 2021 as it’s without fail that we are treated to staggering energy that’s all but infectious, musicianship that’s downright immaculate, and all but hypnotizing right from the very beginning. It’s everything that a record like this needs to be right down to the very subtleties of all that “Resolute” accomplishes, and it’s without fail that The Age of Truth manages to make a work that is sure to leave an impression for years to come.

Oftentimes, when I come across a work like this, it’s easy for me to lose the words needed in order to convey my thoughts properly, and that’s precisely what’s happened here as The Age of Truth has made a record that’s so much of what we could hope for out of the vast realm of heavy rock. No matter you’re preference for what this style can create, I would be stunned and fascinated to see anyone oppose and deny all that “Resolute” brings forth.

LISTEN to “Resolute” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE The Age of Truth on Facebook here.

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