Laceration – Demise

To talk even a moment about old school death metal, I can’t help but feel that it’s in the best shape that it’s been in for quite some time. The sheer diversity in acts from all across the world that are still contributing to the sound and perpetuating its glory is still nigh on exhilarating to bare witness to with new acts constantly coming out of the woodwork to add their voices to the ocean of others to show admiration for a style they’ve come to love. As one of the more promising acts of its kind in recent years, it’s with their first full-length work that Laceration certifiably slays!

Disappearing for a couple of years only to resurge with renewed energy and tenacity that can’t be denied is becoming more and more of a thing in the modern age with many bands able to come together and simply put their material online to only leave it at that should they choose, but it’s on the relatively frequent occasion that a band like Laceration comes around. These guys are not only the very embodiment of what happens when old school death metal gets a vicious injection of fresh blood that can really shake things up to a delicious degree, but they really show us just how exciting this style can still be even if it has arguably been played to death. It’s for the absolute entirety of their very first full-length that is “Demise” that we get a downright hostile creation that’s as powerful with its raw speed as it is unforgiving in its unending heaviness that really shows us what this style can still become, and it’s at every point that Laceration not only delivers at every given opportunity but they blow expectations out of the water. There’s so much to dive into in these eleven tracks that are not only the best kind of old school death metal that’s immediately invigorating right from the very beginning, and while I’d love to sit here and say that there’s a lot more to “Demise” than that it’s almost weird for me to say that I’m happy there isn’t. Far too often we find ourselves in the midst of a band that tries to do something new with a style whose first two words are “old school”, and it’s clear that Laceration both understands and respects the confines of the style that allows them to create another form of the sound that’s not only engaging but fun, satisfying, and everything the style should be.

This is a record that’s made for the modern death metal fan who wants to hear a new band still manage to make something engaging out a style that could easily be taken not nearly as seriously as it is, and it’s truly thanks to bands like Laceration for all that they continue to bring to the table that always makes the style something to be respected to this day. The very power that’s to be experienced within “Demise” is a force to be reckoned with by every fan of the style virtually without question, and I will take personal offense to anyone who claims this record is without substance or quality.

LISTEN to “Demise” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Laceration on Bandcamp here.

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