Eaters of the Soil – s/t

The very concept of experimentation in metal is something that makes my mouth salivate in immense excitement as much as it incites mass skepticism into my soul since anything experimental is the very definition of a gamble when we take into consideration if we’re about to hear something good or not. I always applaud a band that decides to do something new, but to make something that’s actually interesting with your experimentation is to achieve a very unique kind of glory that can’t be found anywhere else in all of metal. With a dirty sound and uncompromising attitude, it’s with their debut that Eaters of the Soil are certainly on the right track right out of the gate.

It’s a bold choice to mix together the realms of doom and jazz for that can be a concept that’s just as alluring as it is treacherous since there are plenty of opportunities to make for a certain kind of intrigue since a heavy take with jazz elements simply isn’t something that we get often, but I think it’s safe to say that it’s with their eponymous debut that Eaters of the Soil not only went against any sort of expectation that we may have had for such a concoction, they made it far nastier. Such a choice is almost too fitting given the band’s very name, but there’s something about the incredibly dense, dark, and slightly off tone about the whole EP that really knows how to keep the attention of the listener virtually without question as we progress from one track to the next with each one of them giving us a new insight into just what kind of act we’re dealing with here as it doesn’t pull any of its punches at any point. Never once do they compromise on their power, but it’s through truly nasty atmospheres and a tone that gets right underneath your skin damn near instantly such that when Eaters of the Soil do decide to unleash a flurry of power upon the listener, its power is felt to a far greater degree in every possible way. There isn’t a single aspect of this debut that can be guessed by the listener for every turning point of this EP takes a different lane than what many of us would expect at practically every given moment, and it’s without fail that this band manages to deliver excellence all the way to the slow, defiant echo of an ending.

I can’t help but feel that this isn’t all that Eaters of the Soil can bring to the table not only because this is just four tracks that are brought together for their debut EP, but because you can almost feel right underneath the surface of the whole work that this band is right on the cusp of making something that wouldn’t only blow the mind of most listeners but downright intoxicate them. That very power is just barely tapped into for this debut to truly make it something to reckon with, and while I can only speculate at the moment, my gut tells me that the boon of time will be utilized extremely well by this Dutch trio.

LISTEN to “Eaters of the Soil” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Eaters of the Soil on Facebook here.

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