Carchosa – Realms

Every year, the world of melodic death metal seems to get even more interesting. No matter if we’re strictly talking about the heavier side of the style or its more innovative, colorful side, or even both, melo-death is arguably in the best shape that it’s ever been in. There’s so much new blood to go around pushing the sound to new frontiers with classic names still bringing glory in absolute heaps to such a degree that it can almost be overwhelming at times. Sweden has no shortage of acts worthy of being included in that group, but it’s with Carchosa that I feel we’ve been given a talented act that had a quiet start that can and should instantly change upon the release of the name’s sophomore effort.

It would be so easy for any band of this style to pick one lane and just stay in it with no real variation whatsoever from one track to the next. Hell, they could just take generic death metal riffs and make them halfway melodic and call it a hard-fought record real quick. But, fortunately, it’s here that we’re treated to an absolutely dazzling display of tenacity, talent, and passion that never once sits still for even the span of a minute to make this sophomore effort not just a bold work but one that’s beyond energetic and gripping right from the very beginning with Carchosa having a clear knack for balancing the best kinds of crazy instrumentation, bringing real and engaging color into death metal (an always admirable feat), and vocals that are not just dynamic but eternally gripping. While it’s right from looking at the cover art that “Realms” makes a good impression on the eyes and the mind, it’s but a taste of what Carchosa truly brings to the table for this album with every possible facet of the work coming together gorgeously to not only listen to but to really immerse yourself in as this isn’t your run-of-the-mill melo-death. Rather, it’s a far more interesting take that only the best bands are able to pull off with this kind of results, and in its each and every second of “Realms” that Carchosa not only delivers to us the goods but so much more than what we could’ve ever hoped for, and I can’t wait to watch the evolution of this act as time goes on.

As the reach of this style becomes ever wider in its sonic boundaries, it’s by pure luck that we’re given bands like Carchosa that are not only keeping the style incredibly alive but always interesting to the point where there’s now a chance where virtually every other band has the opportunity to deliver us something that we’ve never quite heard before, and that’s an exhilarating concept. “Realms” is part of a very special selection of melo-death creations that have the capacity to not just become infectious on Countless Skies level, but the brand new name of a one-man act out of Sweden that many of us didn’t know we needed.

“Realms” releases on September 24th!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Realms” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Carchosa on Facebook here.

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