Bornwithhair – When the Witches Fall

If you ask me, to see a band try to walk the line between rock and metal on a consistent and interesting basis for the whole of a work can lead to some of the most engaging material that our ears can be treated to across both styles. I don’t just mean some hard rock that feels a little heavier than usual or anything like that, but, rather, a band that’s bold enough to take elements from all over to make for a cohesive performance that’s as close to unique as we tend to get if it’s put into the right hands. In the case of Bornwithhair, these hands couldn’t be any more suited to the challenge.

There are very few instances where the term “avant-garde” is actually warranted in my eyes since it can’t be tagged onto any band that thinks ever so slightly out of the box because to really meet the burden of expectation that comes with that term, you have to go truly above and beyond to make your sound something that can’t be heard much outside of your own discography. Otherwise, it quickly loses effect and meaning. Not shying away once from experimentation and trying new things that make for an arguably unique work, it’s with “When the Witches Fall” that Bornwithhair more than meets that burden of expectation. It’s within the seven tracks that are contained within this record, we’re treated to a truly mysterious display that brings in some of the most ethereal elements from both metal and rock to make a performance that’s as dense as it is expansive in its sonic exploration with this band rarely being content to stay in the same place for long. Everything is brought together on an expert level such that it’s damn near intoxicating to immerse yourself in it time after time with every decision that Bornwithhair makes here a compelling element that not only contributes to the overall glory of “When the Witches Fall”, but it perpetuates just exactly how much the record itself is away from many of its contemporaries.

Very few names are able to execute anything like this on this kind of level with such consistency to make the album as a whole something to enjoy, yet it’s with almost a flick of their wrists that Bornwithhair was able to produce such a grandiose work of darkness, mist, and faint lights that are all but the most alluring of attractions for creations such as this. Everything down to the very essence of what “When the Witches Fall” brings to the table is something to enjoy right to the very end, and it’s with the grand expertise that’s on display for the absolute entirety of this record that Bornwithhair has absolutely earned themselves of being worthy of multiple revisits.

“When the Witches Fall” releases on October 8th via Trepanation Recordings!

LISTEN to advanced songs from “When the Witches Fall” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Bornwithhair on Facebook here.

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