Powerwolf – Call of the Wild

When we consider the modern state of power metal, there are certain names that come to mind when we take into account those who really make the style something to be heard in today’s soundscape. For me, Powerwolf is absolutely one of the top names that must be considered for even though they’re arguably not one of the most revolutionary acts in modern power metal, their power is certifiably far-reaching by all accounts. With each release, they’ve only delivered quality and intoxication the likes of which power metal is all but synonymous with, and it’s with their latest that they’ve only furthered that very glory.

With a band like this, I don’t think many of us would be shocked to discover that after some point the band in question stagnates in some form with their sound whether it be they become repetitive in their sound since they know it works or, even worse in my eyes, they just don’t enjoy what they’re creating which then absolutely flows into the performance making it feel hollow and unspirited. But that’s what makes Powerwolf such an interesting act as they not only clearly know what they’re doing with their sound remaining relatively the same across multiple albums, they clearly enjoy what they’re playing which comes across not only in the highlighted singles, but the album as a whole, their live performances, and the very songwriting that makes “Call of the Wild” such a fun and gripping record that makes for all but an exhilarating listen by all accounts. Every song that we’re given here throughout the record is not only gripping right from the start, but it’s a damn good time with Powerwolf utilizing their talent for impeccable melodies and tantalizing energy that permeates every moment of “Call of the Wild” even down to the record’s calmest moments as this band continues to explore what all their particular brand of power metal can bring to the table. Much like their efforts before this, we’re treated to a really fun work that isn’t only a damn good embodiment of all that the sound can be, but another excellent chapter for the likes of Powerwolf that seem to almost never disappoint.

If you ask me, every time there’s a new Powerwolf work on the horizon it’s a reason to celebrate for anybody that’s even a little bit into power metal. This band has always been capable of delivering the goods on an undeniable level the likes of which are all but intoxicating right from the get-go, and that only continues to be fascinatingly true with “Call of the Wild” and everything that it brings to the table.

LISTEN to singles from “Call of the Wild” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Powerwolf on Facebook here.

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