Sermon of Flames – I Have Seen the Light, And It Was Repulsive

It’s one thing to craft a record that blends together multiple styles that populate the wide and deep spectrum of all that is metal, but to make a work that brings in so many aspects that rarely make for a worthwhile release, it makes the mind wonder if it’s a bold move or a foolish one. With only a demo to their name before this, Sermon of Flames is certainly making some eyebrow-raising decisions with their debut album, and I’m still perplexed if I’m impressed more by how well this sound works in the first place, or the band’s tenacity to even dare bring them together.

Playing any form of black and death metal in one of its many forms is not something that the typical metal listener of today is unfamiliar with by any means, and it’s not unoften at all to see bands take that a step further and inject more styles into the mix for an even more insane listen that can very easily be a great pay-off or undeniable mess. That being said, it’s here with their debut that Sermon of Flames manages to take it to the next level with how maddening they made their sound with a strong injection of harsh noise and uncompromising industrial that are spread all throughout the vicious listen that is “I Have Seen the Light, And It Was Repulsive” to great effect as these twelve tracks make for a truly bizarrely intense listen by all accounts. There isn’t a single span of a couple minutes throughout this eviscerating album that doesn’t hold some combination of vicious blackened death that’s either preceded or followed by some sort of light-devouring chaos that has no real form to it whatsoever, yet it’s in those latter moments that Sermon of Flames somehow finds itself at its peak. The unending vortex of utter chaos is something that incredibly few acts are able to comprehend and execute on such a level without any moment of slipping or flaws to be had across the entirety of this soul-crushing experience such that it truly does make “I Have Seen the Light, And It Was Repulsive” such a sight to behold right from the very beginning.

To make any form of music that’s as bold and unapologetically aggressive as what we have gotten here from Sermon of Flames is to craft an experience that is as devastating as what we’ve received here for this fiery debut is to tackle a monumental challenge that’s not easy to overcome, but it’s with true power and perseverance that this fresh act has done nothing but dominate. Every aspect of “I Have Seen the Light, And It Was Repulsive” is something to be seen for all the majesty it brings forth simultaneously with unbridled fury, and it’s a vicious experience that is not made for the weak of heart for they will be instantly crushed under this maddening presence.

“I Have Seen the Light, And It Was Repulsive” releases on September 3rd via I, Voidhanger Records!

LISTEN to an advanced track from “I Have Seen the Light, And It Was Repulsive” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Sermon of Flames on Facebook here.

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