Vubar – Ad Conflandum in Horror

The vast and diverse world of horror is something that I think death metal will never cease to draw inspiration from, for what better source could such a vicious genre draw inspiration from where one specializes in visual terror and the other aural? Numerous bands have taken the likes of Romero to great lengths to create staggering works of death metal the likes of which likely won’t leave us any time soon. With their first step into the light, Vubar could very well be down the path to be another name that accomplishes such greatness.

It strikes me as more often than not that horror death metal is more simplistic than many of its contemporary counterparts with early performances from the likes of Cannibal Corpse and even more recent iterations like Heads for the Dead really taking that concept and absolutely running with it to make stupendous works of the style that we see revisit year after year. In that same idea, Vubar’s debut album of “Ad Conlandum in Horror” is very much like many of those records with many of the ideas and decisions executed in its eight tracks being quite simple at their core with the payoff being quite substantial along with the intensity and power coming across incredibly well. But, it’s in doing so that Vubar’s sound ends up feeling immensely repetitive with it feeling as though different songs are falling back on the same right with diminishing returns being a reality in the creation of these songs that would otherwise make for quite a strong debut. With that in mind, though, it’s hard to deny the raw power that is commanded with respectable aptitude throughout “Ad Conflandum in Horror” such that it’s hard to not wonder if Vubar will continue down this path to make death metal that’s not just in the same vein as many that have come before it without blatant copy-pasting.

Should this act take the time to properly grow into a beast that’s not to be trifled with, I’ll find it supremely glorious to see Vubar rise above with a sound that’s as voracious as its themes with what’s happening within this debut being no less than very promising. While it does have missteps, “Ad Conflandum in Horror” is not a work to be swept aside as it shows potential where many others struggle to find a proper foothold while Vubar has already made quite an impression.

LISTEN to “Ad Conflandum in Horror” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Vubar on Facebook here.

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