The Angelus – Why We Never Die

While it’s in the more psychedelic corners of rock that we tend to find bands that manage to incorporate atmospheres that could be considered trippy or anything of the sort, but that hasn’t stopped numerous bands from trying to achieve it regardless of that. With bands like Lord Buffalo, just to name one, it’s clear that it’s still very possible with many can achieve such atmospheres without losing themselves in multiple layers of psychedelia. With their forthcoming work, The Angelus provides us with just such a creation.

One of the best things a listener can be subjected to whenever they dive into a new record is to simply hit play and find themselves lured into a realm of excellence that keeps their attention locked for the entire runtime such that time seems to have no meaning until the album ends for then it feels time went by all too fast. That’s precisely the kind of record that The Angelus has crafted here as it’s not just a typical rock album that lays out some riffs with some melodies in maybe ten tracks only to pack it up and call it a record done to absolute completion. Just the very themes of “Why We Never Die” are enough to keep me in the record for all it has to offer, but it’s the pure aural bliss that The Angelus delivers to us in every single minute of the performance that not only bends stylistic lines but provides us with truly staggering levels of satisfaction. It can be so effortless to lose yourself in the misty depths of this record as THe Angelus knows exactly how to utilize a specific amount of atmosphere to enable these eight tracks to not only be nigh on hypnotic right from the very beginning, but they’re downright addicting. This is the exact kind of performance that can keep the mind gripped at all times without exception as The Angelus is not only able to bring forth an interesting performance but one that fires on all cylinders to provide an undeniably fun listen.

It’s always tricky for bands like this to take the path of psychedelia where many others go all in for their infusions of psychedelics into their works, but it’s by expertly pulling back in that department that The Angelus has managed to make a performance that’s as well-executed as it is satisfying with every moving part of the work coming together almost to well to make “Why We Never Die” all but immensely compelling.

“Why We Never Die” releases on August 20th via Desert Records!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Why We Never Die” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE The Angelus on Facebook here.

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