Daemonicus – Eschaton

The undeniable empire of raw power that is Swedish death metal is in some of the best shape that it’s ever been in the current climate that we find ourselves in today, and I couldn’t be any happier to be living in this time where we’re constantly getting new material from bands new and old that are still pushing the envelope for what Swedish death metal can be. Daemonicus is a name that’s as lauded as it is criminally unknown in the vast scheme of the style, making it a true paradox in my eyes which makes them even more interesting. But, it’s with their first album in nine years that I can only hope that Daemonicus becomes the well-known powerhouse that it deserves to be!

If that cover art and the legacy of Daemonicus is anything to take influence from, I would love to see anyone who claims to be a scholar of Swedish death metal deny the potential for greatness that this album has before you were to even expose yourself to a single note of this onslaught of bloodthirsty madness. It’s then right out of the gate without a moment’s hesitation or denial in its true purpose that Daemonicus launches for with “Eschaton” to make for a performance that can and should absolutely be held as one of the peaks of Swedish death that we’re to get in 2021 with it standing toe to toe with many other contemporary acts that have delivered staggering material this year like Eye of Purgatory, The Crown, and At the Gates. Every feasible inch of this work is something to be eaten right up with its gripping riffage and unrivaled power that we should only ever expect to come out of this particular corner of death metal, but it’s the talent behind this seasoned act that really speaks for itself as Daemonicus never once lets “Eschaton” become complacent or plateau in its glorious power such that it becomes a bore. Rather, it’s in every given second of “Eschaton” that this band not only proves themselves to be the Swedish death act that many could be clamoring for whether they know it not, but this is the record that only furthers the unending conquest that Sweden seems to be launching upon the entirety of death metal in 2021 with only victory being in sight as we see bands like Daemonicus at the fiery forefront.

While I couldn’t help but feel that Daemonicus wouldn’t let us down in any capacity with this record, there’s very little that could’ve prepared me for the absolute barrage of blood, bone, and steel that we’re given in each of these assaults with every one providing a different hell than the last. “Eschaton” cannot be denied in any form, and anyone who would dare to do that will find themselves engulfed in flames with only the merciless steel of Daemonicus the only thing between them and ultimate damnation.

“Eschaton” releases on August 20th via Black Lion Records!

LISTEN to an advanced track from “Eschaton” on Bandcamp here, or via YouTube below.

LIKE Daemonicus on Facebook here.

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