Defacement – s/t

A band that manages to come up out of virtually nowhere and make waves will always be worthy of investigation by all accounts, and that was far from the case a few years ago when Defacement came out of the ether with a debut record that definitely caught the attention of many. An unrelenting release by all accounts, it was a welcome surprise out of the underground with the name of Defacement being the source of intrigue for many, and many of us were very interested in when the act would return in whatever form they may. Fortunately, it didn’t take too long for a response in all of its gorgeously grotesque horror.

It’s right out of the gate that the tone for this eponymous work is set without a shred of doubt to be had for anyone who would venture into this harrowing depths with that cover art being the very definition of striking as Defacement made sure to have a proper visual representation for their work, name, and attitude. There isn’t a single moment that’s spread throughout this creation that doesn’t show us just exactly how adept Defacement has become in their vicious craft (as if they needed to prove it given the quality of their debut) as it’s every single track in this work that gives us not only a beyond-vicious display of blood, bone, and emulsified flesh to a staggering extent, but a devastating display of experimentalism of a dark and truly brutal form that really makes this self-titled work something to behold even more so. And it’s only fitting that this is to be Defacement’s self-titled effort for this is a true representation of what the band has been ever since people heard the first note with there being no less than a unique hell to be experienced by any who persevere, and that’s far from different in the case of this new creation of raw madness. It could very well be said that this is one of the most impressive and blood-thirsty creations that we’ve seen so far this year with Defacement still feeling like they really need to prove their worth given this is just their sophomore effort, but I cannot help but feel that to underestimate them would be to spit in their very faces for it’s at every turn of this new record that they’ve more than dispelled any doubts that we may have had about them with each track being a satisfying trip into a multi-layered vortex whether it be from moments of neck-breaking ferocity or nihilistic peace.

An ambitious work that manages to strike on virtually both sides of the spectrum of extremity while still delivering a cohesive performance that’s as jaw-dropping as it is murderous, Defacement’s latest is surely just the start of a trend that we’re to see from this act as they’re truly poised to become an act that’s not to be fucked with in this massive scene. Any soul who goes into this jagged, bone-riddled cavern of unadulterated madness will find themselves pulverized before they even reach the end, and it’s with such power that Defacement cannot be considered anything other than promising.

“Defacement” releases on September 3rd via I, Voidhanger Records!

LISTEN to an advanced track from “Defacement” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Defacement on Facebook here.

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