Sieta – Novgorod

My constant search for worthwhile folk metal really does feel as though it is never-ending. There have and will always be half-hearted attempts at the style with so many merely adopting pagan-like themes and not going all into what all folk metal can really be, and, thus, falling short in my eyes. Russia, though, seems to be a real bastion for what all the style can become in its best forms, and it’s with Sieta today that very trend is continued without blemish or mishap.

While I cannot even begin to know any of the themes that may make their way into Russian folk metal, much less even make an attempt to understand them, it would be a real understatement for anyone to insinuate that many of the acts that have come out of the world’s largest country don’t effortlessly cross those barriers to make for an experience that is able to transcend language and cultural comprehension. That’s very much the case for all that Sieta brings to the table for “Novgorod” for the album not only feels as though it’s channeling from the same source as many of its contemporaries, but it’s a record that feels just as fun as it is serious which helps these eight tracks become so much more than just a collection of songs. You can really feel the spirits of the local folklore dancing throughout each and every note that Sieta carefully crafts throughout the record to the point that makes me want to fall into all that there is to discover about these subjects and their themes with every instrument and every decision allowing “Novgorod” to become so much more. Everything about this record strikes on all the right notes with every aspect of Sieta’s performance being downright compelling right to the very end such that I would dare anyone to challenge the quality that adorns this work at just about every turn, and it’s the spirits of the forest that truly bless this record to become so much more.

Whatever trade secret it is that the Russian people have in order to make folk metal this good on a surprisingly consistent basis, it’s staggering and I’m content with not knowing for if it means that I’m constantly surprised by more like Sieta then I’m more than willing to be put in the dark to such a secret. The very core of “Novgorod” is something to experience for every fan of folk metal out there, and I cannot express enough just how much justice that Sieta has done for not just their country’s scene, but the global scene for all the excellence that’s to be had in any given track.

LISTEN to “Novgorod” on Bandcamp here.

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