Grieving – Songs for the Weary

Invoking the old school flavors of any style is to walk a tricky line that can easily fall out of balance should every one second of a performance fall just out of place, but that has never stopped throngs of modern acts from trying their best to not only keep that classic flame alive but also adding their own flavors to bring their own energy to the table. There have and will always be notable acts that manage to surpass expectations, but it’s upon listening to their latest that I cannot help but feel that Grieving has created one of the best instances of such that I’ve heard in far too long.

It would be bold of me to say that old school doom has gone under any sort of revival since I believe that it never truly went away in any substantial form even though the majority of bands over the years moved forward down other sonic branches, but that particular strain has never quite faded away. Many modern caretakers of the sound choose to keep immensely true to its roots to keep things pure, but there’s always something to be said about those that shake it up even a little bit with Grieving being just the latest to do just that with all that they brought forth in “Songs for the Weary” showing us the best of what the sound can still be. Across six intoxicating and utterly compelling tracks, it’s every possible facet of this release that not only makes it an extremely engaging work that keeps the listener more than hooked right from the very beginning, but it takes only just two tracks for the true majesty of “Songs for the Weary” to become truly instilled into the listener. While still keeping that old flame burning immeasurably hot, Grieving never once shies away from bringing their own flavors to the table to make a concoction that gives us a gorgeous variety of tempo, heaviness, atmospheres, psychedelia, riffs, and supremely tempered power that enables the album to not only grow into something formidable, but downright spellbinding!

I’ve not been able to stop playing this beast for hours not to the point that I feel almost convinced that this is destined to become one of the best finds of all of doom that 2021 will throw our way with it being not just a beyond staggering find for those who look in the right places, but a release that is all but essential for any modern excavator of quality doom for you will find it in absolute spades with Grieving’s performance. The very spirit of “Songs for the Weary” is that which could be plucked from the earliest days of doom’s conquest upon the world, yet it’s in these six tracks that Grieving still manages to make a work that is entirely all their own that in my book instantly makes them a name to know for years and years to come. We can only hope it won’t be long before we hear more.

“Songs for the Weary” releases on June 26th via Godz ov War Productions and Interstellar Smoke Records!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Songs for the Weary” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Grieving on Facebook here.

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