Hyloxalus – Aposematic

It’s not terribly often that I can find some quality power metal that I can get behind in full force since it really does feel like that far too many bands that populate the sound are just shells of greater acts with a recycled sound that don’t sound interesting with hardly any spirit despite convincing performances. But, of course, that doesn’t mean I’m a rock with the style as there occasionally come around some bands that manage to really catch my ear in a way that others can’t. With their newest EP, Hyloxalus may very well have swooned me.

Any band of any style would be hard-pressed to bring to life a significant experience within an EP that’s their first official material after releasing just one demo, but that hasn’t stopped several bands out there from pulling it off despite overwhelming odds. In no small form, that’s precisely what we’ve gotten here from Hyloxalus who doesn’t hesitate in any way to deliver a performance that’s as dynamic as it is wildly entertaining for anyone who takes even one step into this particularly interesting blend of dark power metal. While the whole of “Aposematic” certifiably of a different breed than what we’d come to expect from bands like Hammerfall or Blind Guardian, it would be a severe oversight by any single person to even claim that what’s done in these four tracks is anything that can be skipped over for it’s at every turn that Hyloxalus not only makes it clear they’re here to make their own recipe of the style that we don’t get often enough, but they’re here to show us what they’re really made of right at the start of a promising career. It really makes “Aposematic” all the more impressive as every step of the work doesn’t once drop the ball in quality, energy, or consistency as it’s everything from the surprising growls to the true power that’s in every note to a cover that works almost too well that makes it something that needs to be heard by anyone who wants to hear a completely new act that could very well become the next cult act we need to know.

This is the exact kind of EP and debut that I’ve been needing in my life with there being a significant void in my listening habits when it comes to power metal despite my best efforts otherwise, but it’s in just 18 minutes that Hyloxalus not only have my attention but respect for all that they accomplished here. Should “Aposematic” just be the beginning of what we’re to expect from this Canadian act, then I truly cannot wait for what comes next.

“Aposematic” releases on July 28th!

LISTEN to an advanced track from “Aposematic” on Bandcamp here, or via YouTube below.

LIKE Hyloxalus on Facebook here.

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