Sol Kia – Zos Ethos

The implementation of psychedelia is always a tricky thing to pull off no matter what angle you’re approaching it from. While it tends to be in the many halls of doom that it finds a home there are certainly other places that it becomes particularly potent despite those instances not happening often whatsoever. It’s an insanely difficult thing to put into effect while keeping it engaging the entire time, but that didn’t stop the debut from Sol Kia to really impress with its caustic psychedelia being the downright star of this blistering performance that doesn’t hold back whatsoever.

Just given the cover art and the talent behind it, I’d be shocked to see anyone doubt the potential for otherworldly greatness that Sol Kia has before even playing a single note. A black and death metal mix that is particularly deadly in just about every form with potent psychedelia mixed in expertly in virtually every second, the very soul of “Zos Ethos” is corrosive to the touch as it is a debut of truly mindblowing with everything that is poured into the performance really making the work something to behold by all accounts. This isn’t some half-hearted attempt at some weird black metal that many other attempts at psychedelics in this kind of material tend to lead. Rather, Sol Kia goes out of their way and utilizes some of the best aspects of their other acts which include Ôros Kaù and Neptunian Maximalism to create a concoction of insanity the likes of which I would dare anyone else to find any equal to given the sheer volume and potency of the work that is presented to us throughout “Zos Ethos”. It all unfolds gorgeously with every stroke of the work giving the listener a haunting experience of either apex suffering or the most caustic form of psychedelia that our ears are likely to ever hear, and it’s right unto that echoing end into oblivion that Sol Kia has nothing but the listener’s utmost attention through undeniable fear.

We could count the number of significant acts that are able to deliver this type of performance even half as well, and it would be an insult to not consider Sol Kia as one of them given the experience of true madness that is on full display in this ambitious debut. To listen to “Zos Ethos” is one thing, but to properly immerse yourself in its swirling clouds of pure darkness is to truly become a part of the forsaken wonder that is to be tapped into for those who are brave enough.

“Zos Ethos” releases on September 3rd via I, Voidhanger Records!

LISTEN to an advanced track from “Zos Ethos” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Sol Kia on Facebook here.

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