Seum – Winterized

The definition of a real sludge metal experience varies from one person to another with everyone having their own circumstances that have to be met in order to achieve something that demands to be heard. For me, it changes all the time. When we get a sludge record in which you can feel the band in question that is clearly having a massively fun time, it really does transform the listening experience to something much more intoxicating. In even in its most basic moments, Seum accomplishes that to tremendous effect for their latest effort.

While not presenting to us some of the more bombastic or colorful experiences that the world of sludge has thrown our way by any means, there’s little I could do to convince myself that what’s on full display for all of “Winterized” is anything other than a damn good time. Everything needed in order to make a worthwhile sludge listen as engaging and gripping as we could hope, Seum doesn’t once lack in any form during any part of the execution that takes place within their first full-length record, showing us what they’re really capable of without a shred of hesitation. We’re showered with crunchy riffs and undeniable power that’s expertly sprinkled all throughout “Winterized” such that it plays flawlessly into the sludge trope of overwhelming power and awe-inspiring heaviness the likes of which draws many listeners in, and there’s no doubt that Seum’s performance is the exact kind of its style that many of us have been needing in some form or another witch virtually every aspect of these seven tracks feeling almost catered precisely to the modern sludge excavator.

The Canadian metal scene has long been dominated by many by the vast realm of black metal, but there was never any doubt that they’re able to make so much more with Seum just being one of the numerous acts that stand out in their performances to prove that fact without a shred of doubt. This is a record that I think will be a surprise for many people like it was for me given the cover art makes it seem quite uninteresting, but it’s upon listening to even a minute of “Winterized” that anyone will realize that it’s anything but.

LISTEN to “Winterized” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Seum on Facebook here.

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