Windfaerer – Breaths of Elder Dawns

Each style has its own selection of elite acts that seem to rarely do wrong in the long run when we look at their past performances and discography as a whole. In the areas where black and folk metal intersects, there’s truly no shortage of worthy bands that have astounded us in some form or another. Windfaerer is without question one of those bands, and it was only a matter of time before we heard their next epic. After a scant three years, it’s already time for their next opus to hit our ears, and what an opus it truly is!

Some works are just destined to be great it would seem. The fourth full-length album from Windfaerer, a stunning cover art, a reputation that is all but legendary in the modern soundscape of all that black/folk can offer, and the steady increase in quality from one release to the next; how could one not see an impending release from this act as a reason to do anything other than speculate greatness? Speculation is far from necessary, however, for you could choose literally any song out of the nine that “Breaths of Elder Dawns” presents to us and you’ll be met with a gorgeous sound that cannot be exaggerated when it comes to all that it accomplishes even in its smallest moments. A greatly multi-faceted work that never once lets the listener down in any department with grandeur, musicianship, and skill being the true centerpieces of this record, “Breaths of Elder Dawns” could be argued as Windfaerer’s most compelling work to date which says heaps given the bands absolutely stand-out discography! There’s a very good chance that this will be the black/folk work to hear in 2021, and with the power that they’ve always been known for at the core of this performance with everything feeling better than ever before.

The apex of a blend of two styles that can make for some of the most gripping music that all of metal can offer, Windfaerer doesn’t disappoint in the slightest yet again to no one’s surprise. Should you want what could likely be the work of its kind that we’re to get all year, consider yourself lost should you pass up the otherworldly experience that is “Breaths of Elder Dawns”.

“Breaths of Elder Dawns” releases on August 27th via Avantgarde Music!

LISTEN to Windfaerer on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Windfaerer on Facebook here.

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