Alustrium – A Monument to Silence

If we were to pull back and look at the latest additions to the global soundscape of modern death metal in the last fifteen years, we’d see an absolute plethora of names coming out of the woodwork that in some form or another have made waves throughout the community. Symbolik, Countless Skies, Depravity, First Fragment; the list goes on! Amongst it all though, there’s been a name in the background that definitely caught some ears but never fully got the attention that they likely deserved. With their latest work however, I feel the name of Alustrium is finally as popular as it was always destined to be.

While this is a far stretch from anything that could be considered in the same wild and technical class as some of the other contemporary acts that populate the scene bring to the table, there’s no way for any listener to look at what’s been accomplished within “A Monument to Silence” and deny the musical prowess that is on full display for the entirety of the performance. An eclectic listen that never once fails to strike all the right chords and deliver an overall sound that’s as punishing as it is insightful to the very nature of death metal that Alustrium wields with wild style and excellence to make every move that went into the making of this stupendous work something that must be heard. “A Monument to Silence” is a truly standout work that doesn’t break in quality or magnificence for an instant to make this not only an album that is a must-need stop for any death metal fans, but it’s undoubtedly a work that will receive many accolades as one of the best works of its kind in 2021 and it does not take a scientist whatsoever to see why that will be the case. A stunning work that grips the mind from beginning to end, there isn’t a shred of “A Monument to Silence” that will not induce that very same silence upon those who behold is undeniable glory.

Even if you were to fully immerse yourself into all that this particular brand of death metal can offer, you would be hard-pressed to find a better performance in recent years than what Alustrium has crafted here for all the brilliance that is to be found in every single note. Down to the last echo of the triumphant 10-minute finale, “A Monument to Silence” is nothing to scoff at whatsoever under any circumstance, and I can’t help but feel that this is just the beginning of Alustrium’s snowball-effect that will launch them to the status that they have clearly earned.

LISTEN to tracks from “A Monument to Silence” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Alustrium on Facebook here.

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