Dream Tröll – Realm of the Tormentor

When something isn’t broken, we get people in roughly equal amounts that both don’t seem a reason to improve it and those who do. When it comes to the classic sound of heavy metal, though, it’s quite surprising how many choose to keep it simple and make material that’s as true to the style’s beginning as anything at the start. Some fresh blood is sometimes all that’s needed to make something old sound completely new, and there couldn’t be a better style for such an attempt! With their most recent work, Dream Tröll more than qualifies as a successful effort as such.

Virtually right from the beginning, this record is as fresh as it is loyal to its roots to such a dense degree that it permeates every possible facet of what the record brings forth at any given time and it’s with the addition of fresh, passionate talent that elevates any work to its maximum potential. That’s precisely the case for what’s happened with their latest EP from Dream Tröll who absolutely hits the nail on the head in just about every single given opportunity with the resulting excellence of “Realm of the Tormentor” adorning the ears with riffs, energy, and a love for the style that brings the record so much closer to what a proper work of the style demands if it is to become something worth experiencing. It’s right unto the very end that Dream Tröll manages to jam-pack this record with undeniable electricity that manages to truly resonate with the listener with such a capturing performance the likes of which heavy metal felt like it was designed for as this performance shows it done to peak effectiveness! We get the riffs, the attitude, and the structure that makes “Realm of the Tormentor” a collection of seven undeniable crowd pleasers that are as epic as they are bombastic right until that defiant end, and if this isn’t a glorious embodiment of all that the classic sound has become with young blood then I don’t know what is.

A proper work of the genre is never anything that is to be ignored whether it came out yesterday or decades ago, and it’s because of performances like this and names like Dream Tröll that we are constantly gifted something that we can just absolutely ooze over. The very essence of “Realm of the Tormentor” is so much of what many people are constantly looking for out of the modern soundscape of heavy metal, and this work delivers on every promise in a big way every single fucking time!

LISTEN to “Realm of the Tormentor” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Dream Tröll on Facebook here.

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