Dordeduh – Har

It’s maybe about two or three times a year, sometimes even less, that we are granted an album that can really bend our brains and subvert expectations in a way that cannot be considered anything less than truly spectacular. It’s from places like Bandcamp that we find some truly next-level examples of craftsmanship that are beyond staggering, and the world of metal is far from exempt from that rule. With their latest effort and first in several years, Dordeduh’s “Har” is a textbook defintion of everything a release of this caliber can and should be.

When we talk about a layered experience that truly doesn’t adhere to what many consider to be “proper” genre lines and really goes for something that feels all its own while simultaneously being executed with staggering talent and precision, we automatically set the bar quite high in every scenario. It doesn’t take much to be convinced of such genius when it does come around, though, for it is rarely hidden from sight and human ears truly have a knack for identifying talent right out of the gate, and that’s exactly what has happened here for “Har” and all it succeeds with. A blinding display of a mixture of several different styles that grace the entire spectrum of metal, it’s through this hour-long experience that the ears are granted a listen that is extremely rarely gifted as Dordeduh doesn’t stutter once in their execution of this fantastically dense listen to make it what could very well be considered the first work of its otherworldly ilk that this year has thrown our way with any sort of expectation being more than fulfilled at every turn. Whether you be more of a fan of the subtle moments or bombastic takes or the staggering blending that “Har” throws our way constantly and consistently, there’s something for everyone in this magnificent effort, with my words only being able to do so much. At some point, grandeur speaks for itself where a fancy vocabulary cannot.

Just to see a work like this get the recognition it deserves is a reward itself since it means that the talent is not being ignored or unheard, and that’s fortunately the case that’s happening here with “Har” as it is firing on all cylinders to provide us an experience that cannot be called any less than monumental. Dordeduh may not have much to their name, but with this just being their third piece of material released, I don’t think the talent of the band will be called into question any time soon.

LISTEN to “Har” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Dordeduh on Facebook here.

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