The Nightly Disease – Delicate White Sound

The whole concept of instrumental black metal is one that I find criminally underused in the modern soundscape despite how much innovation the style is constantly bringing forth as a whole. There have been extremely few names that have dared to attempt an instrumental sound with even fewer being able to execute it even half well, but that’s where the glory of The Nightly Disease comes into play. Despite just having one work under their belt before now, they’ve been one of the few acts that have actually been able to deliver on the potential excellence of instrumental black metal. It’s with their first full-length, though, that they return to us in a form that’s both unexpected but extremely welcome.

If you’re going to attempt a sound that is all but literally voiceless, it’s important to have a lot of variation from one minute to the next such that the listener doesn’t feel like they’re caught in a boring loop for the entire sound that feels as though it’s still made for vocals even though that’s a reality never to happen. Here, though, it’s in the entirety of “Delicate White Sound” that The Nightly Disease not only manages to further themselves from the foundation that they laid forth on their debut EP years ago, but they managed to build off of it gloriously so such that it’s in all four of these tracks and the nearly 40-minute runtime that is downright compelling right from the very beginning. Taking on the very simple but provocative task of encapsulating the sound of falling snow, it’s with surprising quality and undeniable intrigue that “Delicate White Sound” not only lives up to its name but also proves to a great degree what exactly the world of instrumental black metal is capable of, and it’s no less than absolutely stunning so long as it’s put into the hands of a band that is capable of performing it which The Nightly Disease has proven themselves to be before and do they again here.

An overall gentle experience but still manages to incorporate so much of what black metal is able to accomplish in such a form with every instance being a downright resounding success such that “Delicate White Sound” can easily become the face of what instrumental black metal can become. Hopefully, it won’t take as long this time to hear more of what The Nightly Disease can bring forward.

LISTEN to “Delicate White Sound” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE The Nightly Disease on Facebook here.

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