Gasoline Guns – Motor Cult

It’s possibly the enduring and undeniable spirit of straight heavy metal that has allowed it to stay as strong as it has over the decades with virtually no change in its core sound whatsoever even despite multiple generations coming together now to perpetuate its glory. To have a new band come by and recreate the sound is one thing since all you have to do is copy what’s come before it, but to bring a true injection of life into your work that manages to elevate that work into something so much greater. With their second album, Gasoline Guns managed to deliver exactly that.

In execution, I’m surprised to not have seen this exact record any time sooner with how perfect of a combination this is with the execution being downright fascinating as it’s everything that’s presented here in what’s only their sophomore album that Gasoline Guns does no less than impress. With a concept that’s about pure speed from machines of absolute metal coming at you at maximum speed, what else could heavy metal be suited for? It’s through every turn of “Motor Cult” that Gasoline Guns delivers to us massive riffs in a form that’s helmed by vicious vocals that you normally wouldn’t be found within the normal confines of the style, but it’s without a shred of failure that this performance manages to give us that choice to tremendous effect. There’s nothing but raw riffage and calculated intensity to be found for the whole of the record, and it’s through their talent that Gasoline Guns was able to make it work despite the very same concept likely failing in one way or another in less capable hands. Yet, if there’s any single thing that this album shows us it’s that Gasoline Guns’s talent is not to be underestimated, and with it being concentrated to be made into this unyielding performance how could we deny the excellence that we’re gifted here?

Heavy metal doesn’t tend to be as harsh as what we’re given here, and any one of us would be remiss not to mention Gasoline Guns as one of the few acts that have managed to make it work to supreme effect at every chance that they’re given. There are plenty of tropes of what the style has become throughout this record, yet “Motor Cult” pulls it all off pretty damn well despite the adversity to grant us a work that’s simply a damn joy to listen to for every second!

LISTEN to “Motor Cult” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Gasoline Guns on Facebook here.

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