Inhuman Condition – RatºGod

Truly, there are some musicians that seem like they can’t sit still for too long at any given time with them almost always releasing material at some time or another no matter what situation they may find themselves in. The men behind Inhuman Condition have long been associated with long-standing quality and several bands that they’ve all taken part in to bring us metal under many different monikers, all of which would eventually become synonymous with excellence. Just because Inhuman Condition is the newest act from these masters doesn’t mean it lacks any of their power or polish which everything that’s brought forth in this debut proving that to dramatic effect.

The art of the riff is something that numerous bands have used to great effect ever since the first one graced and enlightened human ears, but it still remains something that’s as elusive as it is well understood despite the practically infinite forms it can take. Thus, when we see even one, people tend to latch onto it, but when we get an album’s worth it’s definitely a sign of real genius with the potency of riffs never once waning. All of the musicians that take part in Inhuman Condition have long been synonymous with true talent and power that have made them all names to know throughout the wide realm of death metal, and it’s with “RatºGod” that we see another iteration of that excellence come to full fruition yet again! Ultimately, this is a relatively simple work that wastes no time with its intensity nor intent, but that’s arguably one of the best parts about what Inhuman Condition has brought forth for their debut effort as it blows so many different expectations out of the water. A stout combination of unadulterated power and concentrated talent that cannot be undermined for much of what only the finest death metal is able to hold a candle to with all that is brought forth in “RatºGod” being the exact concept of ideal death metal in the modern soundscape that people are constantly clamoring for, and whether people know it or not, Inhuman Condition has instantly become a name to know without question.

These nine tracks are unrelenting in their most basic forms with so much of what many want their death metal to become being brought forth in just the first few minutes of all that “RatºGod” has to offer with everything after it only making the record better and better. Without exception, Inhuman Condition has immediately poised themselves as another act to be known from musicians who have become resoundingly synonymous with overwhelming glory!

LISTEN to “RatºGod” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Inhuman Condition on Facebook here.

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