The Swamp Creatures – Sequence


Psychedelia has long been one of my favorite aspects of rock music with how much it’s able to be shaped into many different forms whether it’s something that completely bends the mind or a minor addition that’s not much more than a minor flavor enhancer. It’s with every band that we get a different take on what psychedelics can become, and it does not matter how slight those changes may be that they always keep listeners on their toes. But it’s with their latest EP, that The Swamp Creatures doesn’t stick to one tone of psychedelia but several.

There are just three tracks to be found within all that’s presented to us in “Sequence” but it’s in the twelve minutes that are spread across the EP that we’re given a work that speaks volumes far beyond what we could come to expect out of a typical 3-track EP that could very well be no more than a haphazardly put together collection of b-sides. Rather, everything that The Swamp Creatures brings forth in this work cannot be considered anything other than their A-material that had the band’s heart and soul poured into every moment of it with their firm grasp of their brand of music being on full display in all of its glory in each minute such that I’d be out of line to not even give it the mention that it deserves. With all of that in tow, it’s the delicious variations in psychedelia that “Sequence” becomes so much more than what many other contemporary EPs may bring to the table, but it’s virtually right from the start that The Swamps Creatures have created a work that is equal parts undeniably fresh and satisfyingly familiar.

It makes for an immensely enjoyable listen the likes of which psych-rock could always use more of, and I’d be so extremely remiss to insinuate that “Sequence” is anything other than a brief but grand adventure of an ilk that I cannot help but recommend to any inquisitive adventurer. The Swamp Creatures have shown single-handedly with this effort that they’re definitely a name to be kept an eye on and respected, for I can definitely see them in the future surprising us all.

LISTEN to “Sequence” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE The Swamp Creatures on Facebook here.

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