Kauan – Ice Fleet

With the void that Agalloch left with their departure, many people were looking for a band to fill those shoes despite how magnificently big they may be. But, like with many things, people want things they already have with what they often want being clouded to them. Kauan’s glory has been propelling the band forward for years now with numerous albums being released in their name with only their sense of sonic exploration equalling their talent. It’s been four years since their last full-length, the longest gap in their releases to date, but it should go without saying that they have been busy crafting another grand opus.

To talk about what Kauan has accomplished in their 16-year journey up to now is to talk about majesty the likes of which has garnered the band a unique reputation and a following that’s just as loyal any band could ask for. With that, they have achieved a status that can only be considered legendary in the circles who know of them, and it’s with each record that they have created experiences that cannot nor should be forgotten easily. “Ice Fleet” is far from different. Another concept work that serves as one singular performance broken up into multiple tracks much like another previous effort of their’s, “Sorni Nai”, it’s the story of this album that is downright compelling in just about every single form as it’s clear that Kauan spent loads of time carefully crafted this multi-faceted and immense record with virtually endless ingenuity, Constantly having a balance between supreme and calculated heaviness with an unparalleled understanding of next-level atmospheric rock of a kind that we only get once every few years, and it’s only fitting that the most recent iteration would come from Kauan yet again.

A patient yet rewarding listen, “Ice Fleet” has so much to be found within its depths, upon its creaking ice, and cloake skies that it’s staggering in virtually every form to witness it at all, and it’s even more bewildering to remember that this is the norm for this band. The name of Kauan has always had immense respect surrounding it  for good reason, and it’s with this record that their glory is only sure to grow.

LISTEN to “Ice Fleet” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Kauan on Facebook here.

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