Skognatt – Rain Eternal

Simplicity can oftentimes be the best vehicle to take the listener on a journey that carries the most impact even if it is one that’s strikingly familiar in many different aspects whether it be with the style or the approach. With their sound, Skognatt has never really been one to stray far from the core concepts of the style to the point that I can’t recall a time that I’ve found myself disappointed with a grand majority of what Skognatt has made up to this point. Fortunately, it’s with their fresh EP that Skognatt only furthers that trend.

Whether or not new ideas are introduced, it’s through keeping things simple that atmospheric black metal has been able to become the real powerhouse of modern black metal that it has become with bands like Skognatt being a pristine example of why that’s the case. It’s too often, though, that people mistake keeping your music simple that they take it for laziness, but it’s for the whole of “Eternal Rain” that I found myself all but immensely compelled by what has been brought forth for this brief but dense EP that offers plenty of what the style has become known for. It’s an almost humble performance inspired by darkened skies and the heavens weeping, but there’s a lot to dive into for “Eternal Rain” doesn’t shy away from creating an atmosphere that many of us feel immensely attached to on a personal level with not only engaging black metal being found inside alongside delicious acoustic interludes that only add further glory to all that is presented to us here. It all makes for a performance that is delightfully potent despite being quite simple on its surface, and if that doesn’t speak to the talent of Skognatt then I don’t know what will after falling into the cloud-wreathed world of this EP and all that it offers.

Such a brief offering that’s still able to present us with material that we can’t help but fall into is a true sign of a band knowing exactly what they’re doing if I’ve ever seen one, and I couldn’t be any happier to pair that with Skognatt for they’ve long been deserving of a such a description. “Eternal Rain” may not be as large or bombastic as what many fans of black metal would like to hear, but those with an ear for the more humble works of life will find more than enough to enjoy out of this EP for all that it is.

LISTEN to “Eternal Rain” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Skognatt on Facebook here.

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