Fractal Universe – The Impassable Horizon

Of all of the styles that have exploded in recent years, it’s in the massively unforgiving but infinitely intrinsic world of technical death metal that we get music the likes of which we truly cannot find anywhere else with the innovation and intensity behind everything that comes from it being astounding virtually every time. Fractal Universe has been a need-to-know name in the style for some time that sadly gets down dirty and not given the credit and attention that they deserve. It’s with their new album, though, that they’re easily poised to change that for the better.

What always gets me going with pretty much every album born from the world of tech-death is how mind-bending and unpredictable the material almost always feels even if it’s something as “simple” as a string of riffs with some vocals that can be compelling in their own right. That couldn’t even begin to describe what has been accomplished for the whole of “The Impassable Horizon” with every that Fractal Universe has done before this coming to a massive and undeniable peak in each of these eleven tracks providing us with staggering quality and untouchable craftsmanship that spans a grand swathe of what the style has long been capable of with each offering presenting to us excellence that is just as delectable as it is infectious. Whether you become entranced by the diversity of vocals, drawn in by the instruments that are always at the top of their game, or the staggering fresh talent and sounds that are brought forth in expertly placed moments throughout “The Impassable Horizon”, any single person would be hard-pressed to look at what all this record delivers and not be moved by what has been crafted. It’s a staggeringly massive effort from the very first minute to the defiant end, and it’s the exact album that anyone needs to hear should they have even the slightest doubt of what Fractal Universe is capable of for it’s this work single-handedly that those doubts should instantly evaporate.

Works like this are a big part of why the world of technical death metal has seen a massive expansion online with so many different bands coming out of practically nowhere to deliver to us experiences that can only be described as monolithic in virtually every form, and Fractal Universe has been a name delivering performances exactly like that for years now. It’s “The Impassable Horizon” that I hope to see this band grow to become one of the names of the style that they deserve to be, for it’s this record that really has left my jaw on the floor.

“The Impassable Horizon” releases on June 25th via Metal Blade Records!

LISTEN to the singles on Bandcamp here.

PRE-ORDER “The Impassable Horizon” via multiple sources here.

LIKE Fractal Universe on Facebook here.

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