Amenra – De Doorn

Given how truly meditative doom metal can be in many instances, it’s a wonder to me that we don’t see more extreme interpretations of that more often. Such an idea can easily lead to a concoction that can be as bombastic as it could be transcendent, but there aren’t very many bands that are able to do that, cross stylistic lines and be able to deliver to us a performance that feels more than competent from virtually every angle. Amenra has long been a jewel in the underground for those who have come across them, and it’s with their brand new effort that they’ve certifiably reached a new height.

It’s virtually right out of the gate that we can see why Amenra has become the force to be reckoned with that they’ve become known as with their slow burner of a beginning that these guys have absolutely become so honed in on their particular sound that it barely takes a minute for the listener to have an epiphany as to what precisely they’re in for. Catharsis and serenity, atmosphere and heaviness, peace and chaos; all of that and more are what’s to be found within the confines of “De Doorn” with all that it brings to the table. It can effortlessly be from one minute to the next that each performance in all five of these tracks can go from an intimidating ethereal hum that really knows how to press down on the consciousness to an all-out, unyielding delivery of raw catharsism the likes of which metal was destined for. With each offering that “De Doorn” presents to us, it delivers gloriously on that very same destiny with each and every moment that passes here giving the listener an experience the likes of which they’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else be it from the depths of the underground or not. It’s a swirling array of meditation through an undeniable madness of a variety that extremely few other bands are able to accomplish in any form, and it truly does speak to the credentials of this act that they’ve been able to do it for so good for so long, and it’s with “De Doorn” that they’ve only furthered that legacy.

A spiritually cleanser of a record such as this is what many of us have been looking for with how much of a purge the entire experience truly is, but it’s only by the screeching halt of an ending that the true power of “De Doorn” truly dawns on the listener in all of its magnificence. Amenra has never once been lacking in quality, and it’s with what’s arguably their biggest work to date that the trend continues beautifully without falter.

“De Doorn” releases on June 25th via Relapse Records!

PRE-ORDER “De Doorn” via multiple sources here.

LISTEN to singles from “De Doorn” on Bandcamp here.

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