Sojourner – Perennial

Of all the rising bands that have come around in the last few years to surprise us with performances that are as dense as they are stunningly beautiful, Sojourner absolutely has to be one of the first bands mentioned in such a conversation. Their particular blend of black and folk metal elements into a cohesive performance that brings so much personality forward in every inch of their sound which quickly allowed them to resonate greatly with listeners across the globe. It was very recently that they went through a small line-up change, and it’s with such a shift that they felt a brief EP to signify new territory for the band, and it’s with this new EP that they definitely succeeded with such a transition.

While this EP is just two tracks in total, there’s a lot happening in them to really show us that even though Sojourner has entered a new stage in its existence, they’ve still got that magic touch to provide us with a tremendous performance that’s just as delicious as many of their other works. But, it’s in these 12 minutes that Sojourner manages to keep their core sound and spirit in such a form that it’s more than heartening as it shows the very nature of this band is unwavering even in the presence of change and adversity. Also doubling as a type of sequel to their debut album, “Perennial” rises to the occasion to deliver us a performance that’s very much worthy of mention in the company that it finds itself in given Sojourner’s past discography with every aspect of an essential Sojourner record on full display at virtually every turn in each track here. A scathing epic and a melancholy remembrance of what once was, it’s every inch of “Perennial” that delivers a performance that manages to deliver another immensely balanced and extremely well-executed elements of black and folk metal wrapped in a thick, entertaining atmosphere that brings the listener into a world that very few bands ever encroach upon, but it’s Sojourner that effortlessly enters it time and time again with “Perennial” just being the latest but certainly not the last.

There was no doubt in my mind that this EP would be disappointing despite how humbly short it is, and it’s the immense talent that they’ve brought on board for Sojourner from now on that I cannot help but feel like this is a new age of the band that will feel just as familiar as it will be bold and fresh. Old fans will find themselves coming to face with a sound that will welcome them like an old, beloved friend, and it’s with the new fans that these new faces will provide just as much entertainment as those that came before them. Surely, just as before, the very future of Sojourner is in very good and sturdy hands.

LISTEN to “Perennial” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Sojourner on Facebook here.

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