Tremor Ama – Beneath

The recent wave of psychedelia with a solid degree of heaviness is something that many of us have clung onto with plenty of examples of it being what we never knew we needed out of music before we stumbled onto it, and it’s been a hell of a ride so far to say the least. It’s not often whatsoever, though, that we find ourselves in the midst of a band that manages to pull back on the heaviness just a little bit to deliver us a performance even strays into the realm of post-rock a little to provide us an experience that’s dense, immensely varied, and satisfying to the very end. In many ways, that’s precisely what Tremor Ama delivers to us with their newest effort.

Falling into a record like this is downright seamless for anyone who has become even mildly entranced by what the heavy psych scene has been dishing out for years now, but it would be foolish to merely lump this record in with that crowd exclusively. It’ll be within the first two tracks alone that it should become abundantly clear to the listener that not only does Tremor Ama really go out of their way to make “Beneath” a diverse listen that doesn’t fall into any single particular style, but it feels very much like a record with a sound the band formed naturally rather than checking off boxes of what’s good in a certain style. “Beneath” very much has its own ebb and flow and really allows the record to take on a life of its own as Tremor Ama doesn’t shy away from going back and forth from one style to the next whether it be some mildly heavy psychedelia to full-on post-rock that’s the epitome of gripping with every second offering the listener a gorgeous sight from one minute to the next. It’s a stellar journey through the glorious sights of a glistening underworld that it filled with as much intrigue as it is beauty and wonder, and it’s throughout every second of this record that Tremor Ama delivers to us a performance that’s just as immersive as it is pleasing.

A record like this that’s able to cross the boundary of styles every so often to bring us something from more than one style is something that we don’t get often enough from bands that reside in the world of heavy psych, and it’s probably that single factor that helps make Tremor Ama’s performance such a breath of fresh air by the end. “Beneath” has so much going for it with every bit of it setting a foundation that is beyond promising, and I cannot help but feel that Tremor Ama won’t have any problem delivering up on that potential.

LISTEN to “Beneath” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Tremor Ama on Facebook here.

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