Sarmat – RS-28

War is far from a fresh topic to the world of metal much less music as a whole, but it’s simply one of those topics that never seems to overstay its welcome nor does it disappoint when it’s given to a band that actually knows how to bring it forward in decent fashion. If you ask me, the more extreme side of metal doesn’t have enough acts who are able to bring war to our ears with guaranteed satisfaction, but that has been slowly changing in recent years. It’s with their debut album that we find Sarmat throwing their hats into the ring, and it’s a bold first move by all accounts.

While bands like 1914 and Bolt Thrower tend to come to mind for me whenever I consider war in extreme metal, there’s still so much room to see that territory expanded that it’s almost staggering to see how few new bands there are in the modern landscape. As such, to come across works like “RS-28” from bands like Sarmat are extremely welcome especially when they’re as versatile and vicious as what we see here with everything that’s brought forth in this belter of a debut being no less than immensely tasty by all accounts. It’s right out of the gate for this record that we’re instantly blasted back by the sheer force that Sarmat will be constantly dealing our for the absolute whole of the record without exception as we’re dealt devastating riffs, unyielding vocals, and drums that sound like missile fire to the point that there’s no other way to describe “RS-28” as anything other than a full-on assault to the maximum. Down to the very reality of the album’s title, everything that Sarmat summons for this debut effort cannot be brushed aside as a record that deserves to be overlooked as we are given a performance that is downright compelling right to the very end whether you prefer to be incinerated into unrecognizable red mist or chipped apart by a hail of bullets; “RS-28” has it all in staggering quality.

The drums of war have been slowly getting more and more persistent in recent years with the rising of bands like the aforementioned 1914, Minenwerfer, and Kaninenfieber, and now it’s time to add Sarmat to that illustrious line-up with their debut being the bombastic debut loaded with shrapnel that many of us have been dying for. It’s until the defiant end that “RS-28” manages to keep the listener enthralled by its power and cowering from its terror, and it’s every inch of the performance that is to be hailed by a glorious performance that cannot be denied.

LISTEN to “RS-28” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Sarmat on Facebook here.

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