Atomic Vulture – Moving Through Silence

When I find myself venturing back into the world of instrumental rock at least once every month (I have a problem, send help), it tends to be from the world of psychedelia that the material stems from. A change would be welcome every now and then despite the overwhelming talent flowing out of that particular corner of music, it’s when the psychedelia is pulled back to become just a minor part and the band in question brings forth a natural performance that’s as genuine as it is good, it makes for quite a spectacle. In every way, it’s on their latest effort that Atomic Vulture delivers just such a performance.

Sitting down to fall into some quality instrumental rock is like nothing else for someone like me, but it still requires at least a little talent to bring it together in a form that can even be considered passable, yet it’s in just the first minute alone that Atomic Vulture manages to bring their instrumental take on stoner rock absolute glory. There is still a layer of psychedelia that’s woven throughout the record and its influence over the whole experience is a downright essential part of what makes “Moving Through Silence” such a joy to listen to from beginning to end without any one of these tracks failing to deliver a performance that’s gripping, immersive, and a straight-up blast to listen to. We’re treated to a plethora of riffs that are beyond entrancing as soon as Atomic Vulture gets into a proper groove, a thin but immensely potent atmosphere that encapsulates everything that goes on within “Moving Through Silence”, and a tremendous sense of diversity that truly breathes life into this performance in every moment to not only make this one of the most entertaining instrumental works that I’ve had the pleasure of hearing in the last few months, but likely one of the best experiences in stoner music that I’ve come across even with the stiff competition that’s going around.

So much of what Atomic Vulture brings to the table here is textbook excellence for what’s needed for a band to become one of the next names to know in their style, and I refuse to believe that anyone could deny the infectious power that this band wields in every second to maximum effect for this massive effort. Any fan of instrumental music will find themselves totally enthralled by what’s done within just the first few minutes of “Moving Through Silence”, and it’s the rest of the record that will leave us well and truly stunned into that very same silence.

LISTEN to “Moving Through Silence” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Atomic Vulture on Facebook here.

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