Mepharis – Eternal Night

Taking into consideration the reputation that the world of death/doom as a whole has acquired for itself over the last few years, it’d be hard to raise that reputation any higher with all the massive entries that the style has been seeing in steady supply. A new effort from any fresh band is always welcome whether they be a fresh name or well-established act but there’s always that initial doubt if a record will be good or not when you’re dealing with a band you’ve never listened to be. I absolutely had such hesitations with the newest effort from Mepharis, but they were quickly dashed once I hit play.

Even just tagging this record as merely death/doom would be to slightly undermine just how well Mepharis was able to craft their sound to feel as genuine and varied as possible without it sound like an unapologetic mess, but it’s that fusion style that’s very much at the core of everything that’s at play for the seven tracks of “Eternal Night”. It’s what keeps everything throughout the record grounded in a way that feels incredibly natural and well-executed with it allowing Mepharis to drift ever so slightly into other styles to create a sound that feels so very cohesive in all that it brings forth in its speed, intensity, and diversity from one minute to the next. Ripping solos to crunchy riffs to guttural growls; Mepharis has truly made an experience that’s just as layered as it is satisfying to make for one listen that will not be easy to forget as the band truly understands the art of infectiousness that’s woven into the absolute entirety of the experience. Such a feat is not easy to do, but it’s accomplished is pulled off in the very first track with the rest of “Eternal Night” providing us with one reason after another as to why this potent band out of Poland is not to be underestimated, for it’s once you don’t give them their proper due and respect that Mepharis will crush you without a second thought. It’s with such power and unrelenting tenacity that pushes “Eternal Night” ever forward such that it’s the very end of the record that feels like an undeniable triumph for Mepharis, and it’s only a matter of time before they set out once again for glorious conquest!

In many ways, what’s created here is reminiscent of what a number of other acts that inhabit the world of death/doom have accomplished, but there is a special magic that’s at play here that somehow makes this effort even more intriguing and infectious right from the beginning to make it so that a full listen of “Eternal Night” is all but required from the listener. Whatever Mepharis did to make such an alluring concoction, it paid off wondrously to make the record not only an engaging listen but one that will surely stick in the minds of those who do hear it for all that it is.

LISTEN to “Eternal Night” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Mepharis on Facebook here.

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