Oxygen Destroyer – Sinister Monstrosities Spawned By the Unfathomable Ignorance of Humankind

Sometimes, the stars align in the most perfect way that you have no choice but to believe that it was truly meant to be. When I went and saw “Godzilla vs King Kong” opening weekend, half the time I could only imagine the movie with the soundtrack performed by Oxygen Destroyer which would make the movie even more badass than it already is. Yet, unbeknownst to me, it would be long whatsoever before we heard more from these rising ambassadors of the kaiju with what might be their most potent work to date!

When we take into account modern bands out of the world of thrash metal be they new or having been trouncing around for a number of years now, there’s not many that make for a truly standout performance. Sure, Suicidal Angels and Hellripper are some notable names, but there’s nothing quite like a band that can bring next-level ferocity alongside a gripping theme that makes for a perfect match and undeniable listen. Since their first full-length three years ago (it feels like millennia!), many of us have been craving for more of their voracious performance that never once lets up in quality nor intensity, and it’s with the titan-sized titled “Sinister Monstrosities Spawned By the Unfathomable Ignorance of Humankind” that we shouldn’t be shocked at the staggering quality that’s found in all eight of these tracks such that it surpasses everything that Oxygen Destroyer has crafted before. The kaiju have never been more well-represented in all of music made in modern times, and it’s from little known classics like “The Claw” (just to name only one) that we see Oxygen Destroyer really show us just how knowledgeable of their subject that they truly are with the encompassing performance of utterly unforgiving metal that could potentially peel back the legendary armor of the King himself with the accompanying power perfectly matched for such an occasion! The riffs are downright entrancing right from the beginning, and it’s until the very end that the world itself is set ablaze for the glory of the reign of the monsters, and it’s only fitting that Oxygen Destroyer should be the ones to hail their coming at the end of our puny existence.

Whether or not many of us were aware of it, this is the heavy shot of adrenaline that many of us have been needing with the sheer ferocity of this record speaking volumes about what this band is capable of, and it’s at every possible turn that Oxygen Destroyer shows us just how much they’ve grown in three short years. The very essence of “Sinister Monstrosities” is enough to be likened to a nuclear explosion, but it’s the talent that’s on full display for the record that truly astounds like very others of its kind and, surely, it’s the shot of true magnificence that will shoot Oxygen Destroyer to become a Bandcamp Essential that they rightfully deserve to be. Hail the Kaiju! Hail, Oxygen Destroyer!

“Sinister Monstrosities Spawned By the Unfathomable Ignorance of Humankind” releases on August 27th via Redefining Darkness Records!

LISTEN to an advanced track from “Sinister Monstrosities Spawned By the Unfathomable Ignorance of Humankind” on Bandcamp here, or via YouTube below.

LIKE Oxygen Destroyer on Facebook here.

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