Diskord – Degenerations

A band that’s able to bring forth a performance that’s as energetic as it is unpredictable, I feel like it’s safe to say that many of us could tell right off the bat that we’re in for a show like few others. Not many bands try to pull it off, and those that do execute well even more rarely. It’s over some years, however, that Diskord has made quite a name for themselves throwing down death metal that feels no less than schizophrenic, and it’s with their forthcoming album that it feels as though they’ve reached a fresh peak.

Crossing stylistic boundaries is always a difficult task even if you manage to stay true to the core style that you’re performing no matter what band you’re dealing with whether they being highly experienced or entirely new to the scene. Diskord faced that challenge when crafting this fresh opus, but it’s upon listening to all that “Degenerations” brings to the table that it becomes wondrously clear that they didn’t break a single sweat in the creating of this monstrously chaotic work. Drawing from all over the musical spectrum, there isn’t a single moment of what Diskord executes in the whole of this album that is to be expected in any form with every inch of it being delivered absolutely deliciously! From sporadic death metal to instrumental transitions that feel like the most demented form of jazz, it would be a truly one of a kind understatement to insinuate anything other than apex chaotic glory from “Degenerations” as every single second offered to us throughout the whole of the record not only decimates what many of us tend to think modern death metal can be, but it peels back the very notion of what next-level innovation looks like. As a band that is far from new to the scene but still unjustly unheard of by the masses, it’s with this creation that Diskord should find their crowd that’s just as ravenous for their craziness as Diskord is to create it.

Whatever accolades this band receives for forming this larger than life record will surely not be enough to truly encompass all that is accomplished in this all too short but extremely dense record the likes of which we only get once every few years, but it’s with “Degenerations” in particular that I don’t think we’ll see anything of this ilk of this caliber for several years. Diskord has absolutely made something that is worthy of the moniker “one of a kind”, and I have little doubt that they’ll continue to be in a league of their own for quite some time to come.

“Degenerations” releases on August 13th via Transcending Obscurity Records!

LISTEN to advanced tracks from “Degenerations” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Diskord on Facebook here.

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