Drawn and Quartered – Congregation Pestilence

When we speak the words “death metal”, it tends to be that our brains go for the extreme in a style that’s already pushing music to an extreme simply by existing. Many modern acts have tried with varying degrees of success, the number to deliver us truly next-level intensity with death metal is quite low when you think about it. More often than not, though, it feels like many bands that have been lurking in the underground for decades have truly gained a different kind of understanding in order to deliver that greatness in a way that becomes no less than monolithic in execution. Drawn and Quartered is just one band of many to be included in such a group, and it’s with their forthcoming effort that they provide the only proof they could ever possibly need.

While names like Cannibal Corpse (just to name only one) would be many people’s first thought as to how extreme death metal can be in the modern world, there are still bands that manage to take it even further as many of us know with many still doing it even further than what’s being presented tonight! But, there’s truly interesting magic about the macabre craft that Drawn and Quartered commands with absolute ease throughout all nine of these tracks that feel as though they’re pulled right out an infinite number of apocalypses. Each offering that we get through the whole of “Congregation Pestilence” is some of the most unrelenting and voracious death metal that we can get out there with still some sort of form and structure to be had as Drawn and Quartered is still quite careful to make sure that this doesn’t become an unmitigated mess that becomes absolutely unbearable to listen to. Rather, they create a concoction of rotting flesh and splintering bone that is downright caustic in its vicious overtones that permeate the entirety of what the record has to offer that still feels immensely coherent even as our brains are quickly and brutally, but efficiently, being pummeled into unrecognizable chunks and a fine red mist. Pair that with a real infectious nature that graces everything that “Congregation Pestilence” offers us, and it becomes a true task for any death metal fan that’s worth their own salt will find loads to enjoy out of this absolutely unrelenting experience while the rest will be left to burn in the fires that Drawn and Quartered leaves in its wake with endless torment not far behind.

Death metal like this is very easy to be considered of a variety that many of us see on a constant basis with how sprawling the scene is nowadays, but it shouldn’t take much for one to realize that Drawn and Quartered is of a different cut that helps make this performance the slaughter of an album that it quickly becomes in these very capable hands. Every ounce of “Congregation Pestilence” is made to destroy the flesh and peel away at the spirit one layer at a time with sanity-breaking levels of patience, and it all makes the work truly something to behold in all regards.

“Congregation Pestilence” releases on July 2nd via Krycator Productions!

LISTEN to an advanced track from “Congregation Pestilence” on Bandcamp here, or via YouTube below.

LIKE Drawn and Quartered on Facebook here.

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