Gnosis – Omens from the Dead Realm

It’s more often in recent times that we’ve been seeing the worlds of black and death metal crossing each other over in order to create experiences that are as scathing as it is brutal in many different forms, but it can sometimes feel like many bands aren’t doing much with that concoction, opting to stay in the middle that can often feel like a statement instead of using both to enhance each other for a truly stark performance. With their forthcoming effort, it’s with a strong injection of death that Gnosis absolutely dominates with their brand of black metal.

Taking influence from a wide berth of what all black metal has been able to accomplish without compromising its roots or core ideas, it’s for the utter entirely of what’s brought forth throughout “Omens from the Dead Realm” that Gnosis manages to deliver us an excursion of darkness borne from scathing riffs, deadly patience, a potent sound that takes many cues from the realm of death metal as mentioned, and an undeniable sense of power that is no less than overwhelming in all the right ways. It makes for a particular voracious sound that feels as though it was hand-crafted second by second for the modern fan of the blend of styles that feels both satisfying and immensely flesh out. The whole of “Omens from the Dead Realm” manages to avoid the regrettable fate of feeling half-assed or watered down by trying too hard to mix two styles together when a guaranteed, potent result can be made with tremendous results with the talent of Gnosis speaking volumes at every turn here.

We’re rewarded with a vicious trek into absolute darkness the likes of which this merging of styles was absolutely made for, and it’s by the end of the trials that’s to be seen throughout “Omens of the Dead Realm” that Gnosis’s focused power can truly be appreciated.

“Omens from the Dead Realm” on June 14th via Godz ov War Productions!

LISTEN to an advanced track from “Omens of the Dead Realm” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Gnosis on Facebook here.

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