Towards Atlantis Lights – When the Ashes Devoured the Sun

When their debut came out just three years ago, Towards Atlantis Lights really made one hell of a show in the world of funeral doom with everything that they brought forth being the new and fresh addition to the shadowy style that many of us didn’t know we needed. Made up of experienced members to instantly make for a gripping listen and with an ancient civilization backdrop that’s not quite like anything else apart from a handful of other acts, they instantly stood out. If anyone somehow wasn’t taken aback by what they did on that opus, it will surely be with their second that Towards Atlantis Lights will do no less than stun.

In virtually every form, this is the natural evolution of the sound that Towards Atlantis Lights initially set out wielding with every facet being improved upon stupendously from top to bottom. While we have no 30-minute behemoth songs like before, it is for “When the Ashes Devoured the Sun” that such an approach is not abandoned by any means whatsoever as the six tracks from this massive record clocks in for an equally massive runtime of over 61 minutes to provide us with a fitting performance of the style in every category. With topics that cover the little-known Minoans and Pelasgians, the material that Towards Atlantis Light brings forth here feels downright unique in all of its execution as we see the band much heavier than last time with even the epics having much more weight about then as the whole of “When the Ashes Devoured the Sun” truly lives up to its name without an inch of hesitation to be had for the whole of the record. It all comes together almost too well to make for a striking performance that’s as entertaining as it is vast in its knowledge, as intense as it is diverse in its speed, as well-crafted as it is historically fascinating, and as mythical as it is gorgeous.

It’s in every facet that Towards Atlantis Lights has delivered a performance that is of an entirely different caliber than what we got with their debut effort with this fresh offering proving to be a next-level creation that demands to be heard. It’s in every minute of “When the Ashes Devoured the Sun” that we get a tremendous performance the likes of which we don’t get often whatsoever, and I can only hope this effort gets the attention and renown that it deserves.

“When the Ashes Devoured the Sun” releases on July 16th!

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