Red Fang – Arrows

For quite some time now, it’s been safe to say that Red Fang has been one of the pillars for stoners in the world of all things heavy in music with their riffs and attitude being downright consistent with the quality that the band has been able to dish out over their releases. Five years is a long time for any band to develop their sound to become something much more, and I truly do believe that’s what we’ve gotten here with the latest from Red Fang. All their flavors, signatures, and trademarks are still present, but there’s something else at play here that makes this effort so much more.

Usually, whenever I investigate a release from the stoner world, I can sit down and pick apart the album one track at a time for a mostly cohesive listen that still enables me to break down the analysis to a track by track basis if I so desire. It was before that I could do the same with a Red Fang release. But this is not like the Red Fang releases prior. In just about every way apart from its core ideals, it is “Arrows” that seeks to quickly become its own entity in a discography that is full of personality and talent with this record in particular feeling of the same vein but from a very different source with an extremely different destination.  In order to really get a feel for all that Red Fang went for with this record, a complete listen from beginning to end feels damn near mandatory as they adeptly go out of their way to craft an overall experience that is not only immensely satisfying with its riffs and crunches found within but there are dimly lit corners that “Arrows” takes without slowing down one bit, making for an overall experience that’s as thrilling as it is disorienting in times. And it should go without saying but it must be said regardless: even despite feeling like Red Fang has gone out of their way to make an experience that is distinctly different from what we’ve come to expect from them, it must be acknowledged that this feels like the album that feels the most true to what Red Fang has always wanted to create to the point that you can feel that in every iota of “Arrows”.

For every moment of this record, the listener is put into an fantastically detailed experience the likes of which we don’t get to see too often with there being true creative freedom at play here, and it’s through that which Red Fang feels like they’re having more fun than ever to make the very soul of what’s brought forth in every second of this record something that is absolutely tantalizing right from the beginning. “Arrows” is hopefully the start of a new era in Red Fang’s discography for this is an experience the likes of which I feel we could truly use more of with how unique, dynamic, and utterly infectious it is in virtually every form, and it couldn’t be anymore clear that the band loves playing like this.

“Arrows” releases on June 4th via Relapse Records!

PURCHASE “Arrows” via multiple sources here.

LISTEN to singles from “Arrows” on Bandcamp here.

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