Odyrmos – For The Brightest Light

When we consider the relatively unearthed realm of dungeon synth to the public at large, I think many of us knew somewhere in our heads that it was inevitable before we saw throngs of other black metal acts seek to forge the two style together with many such iterations being exactly what such a combination is deserving of. Sometimes, though, it feels like the dungeon synth aspect is a cheap way to make for an artificial atmosphere that does really add so much to the black metal, but it’s with precision and skill that Odyrmos dodges that very pitfall.

While some bands try to merge the two different styles together in their performances such that they’re colliding in one song, it can often be when you separate them to their own respective tracks that we can find performances far more potent with this upcoming effort from Odyrmos being a prime example of just that. Jumping from dungeon synth to black metal from one track to the next, it’s the whole of “For The Brightest Light” that we get a surprisingly balanced execution that really shows off at every turn that this band knows exactly what kind of sound that they’re going for with the resulting performance being downright enticing right from the very beginning. Allowing the different styles to have their own time doesn’t enable Odyrmos to fall into the trap of focusing on one too much with the other taking that backseat far too much, but, rather, it’s between the enchanting black metal and immersive dungeon synth that “For The Brightest Light” overcomes any challenge that it may have had with the skill of Odyrmos speaking volumes for what this band is capable of even on what’s just their second offering.

Fans of both styles should find plenty to enjoy once they step foot into the abandoned woods that Odyrmos has complete dominion over as the record progresses to present us with an overall performance that really does nothing but justice for Odyrmos that still has a long way to go but there’s already so much to enjoy from what they create. The very essence of “For The Brightest Light” is so much of what a combination like this can be with loads of greatness being done for the concept at every turn here, and I’m sure this is just the beginning of what they’re capable of crafting.

“For The Brightest Light” releases on June 22nd!

LISTEN to an advanced track from “For The Brightest Light” on Bandcamp here, or via YouTube below.

LIKE Odyrmos on Facebook here.

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