Fetid Zombie – Transmutations

Of all the names throughout the land of American death metal, Fetid Zombie has absolutely become a required listen for any true connoisseur of what the country can offer the scene with the name rightfully rising in status over the years. Countless splits and EPs, but it’s the band’s full-lengths that always stand out no matter what, and it has been an anxious six years for me as we awaited the next edition. The band’s last, “Epiciedia”, still remains one of my favorites of the style so this was definitely high on my expectations. Fortunately, it’s with the entire performance of “Transmutations” that none of us will be left disappointed in any form.

To talk about this record and call it a record that definitely lives up to the reputation that Fetid Zombie has created for themselves would be to cover the very basics of what “Transmutations” brings to the table for every effort from this band has always been of quality, but it’s here that we yet again get a full-length that’s truly worthy of wide acclaim and years of praise. It’s the orchestration of so many contributions from musicians of staggering talent all brought together by one man who takes over the haunting vocals of Fetid Zombie as well as the art that has always been a highlight of the performances from this name, and it’s with “Transmutations” that this year has gotten another record that demands to be recounted when we considered the best from what 2021 brought our way. It’s between the soaring solos, unparalleled mastery over undeath, and a virtually flawless execution that’s worthy of being hailed as one of the great works of death metal in the last few years that anyone would become lost in “Transmutations” the likes of which is all but common when dealing with Fetid Zombie, but that doesn’t make its occurrence any less bewildering given the hell-defying performance that’s always thrown our way with every new effort. It’s always great to see your expectations become reality, yet it’s with every release that Fetid Zombie still manages to blow my expectations right out of the water with every sense holding immense glory that only god-tier death metal can bring forth.

Everything prior to this effort spoke to us that this would be the next death metal record that we must hear, and I will happily become a herald of that good word in order to make sure that “Transmutations” gets the recognition that it deserves for the genius that it is with every possibly moment not just exuding true glory but mastery undeniable! Fetid Zombie has long been a name to know in the widening realm of death metal, and that great, sturdy pillar of excellence does not look to be going anywhere anytime soon much to our benefit.

“Transmutations” releases on July 30th via Transcending Obscurity Records!

LISTEN to an advanced track from “Transmutations” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Fetid Zombie on Facebook here.

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