Drown – Утоплення

When Drown released “Subaqueous” last year, I feel it’s safe to say that it didn’t nearly get the attention that it deserved even when compared to its brother and sister bands made by the same guy. Tchornobog, Aureole, and Krukh all arrived in the scene with much celebration and discussion in many of their releases, but it was “Subaqueous” in all of its funeral doom glory that I feel the media acclaim was criminally underrated and under-represented. Even so, it becomes apparent in that 40-minute deluge that Drown has the capacity to be so much more, and just over a year later, we see that possibility become a reality.

An ambient record from a band with a theme of being crushed by the infinite weight of the tides onto geographies that have never seen the light of the stars? Sounds like a perfectly reasonable concoction, if you ask me. While the genius behind Drown has never been a stranger to using atmosphere to his advantage with a large swathe of his works including ambiance in some form or another however brief the instance may be, it has never, to my knowledge, been taken to the extent of a full-length ambient experience. Drown is easily the best vehicle for such a task in mind, and it’s with absolute mastery that “Утоплення” has come to life gorgeously! This is a brilliantly orchestrated experience that provides a soundtrack that can very well be paired with the visages that were brought forth in “Subaqueous” as well: fading into red mist towards the abyssal plain while the oceans crush you even further. The heartbeat of the world’s blood is constantly pulsating in your ears to make for a real anxiety-inducing overtone that adorns the whole of the album while Drown expertly guides us further into that watery darkness while the cacophony of silence and all of its denizen slowly get louder and louder in your waterlogged ears. It’s a concept that should have been effortless for Drown to pull off given the mastery that the man behind has already demonstrated at every turn, but this performance feels like it came so naturally from him that it feels like he’s been doing it for years, and the results are so immense that we can only ever hope that this isn’t the only time he explores the world of ambiance whether or not Drown is the vessel of choice.

It’s whenever I dive into the deep world of ambiance that I can only ever hope to emerge with an experience like what Drown has delivered here. Multiple demonstrations of masterclass extreme metal have only enhanced this dense listen exponentially the point that all I have left to say is that this is absolutely a work for any connoisseur of what the world of ambient has to offer, for if you dive into this crushing world then I can virtually guarantee that you will find what you didn’t know you needed.

LISTEN to “Утоплення” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Drown on Facebook here.

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